One thing you can do right now to 2x your output

All of us want to produce meaningful, important work on a daily basis. We strive to produce work which grows our businesses and ultimately generates revenue. I think most of us wake up in the morning with the intention of producing quality work. Then life hits. The grind begins. Reality, as it were. We all want to be productive, and we envision

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Five Apps For Designers & Freelancers

As a creative consultant and entrepreneur, I am always searching for new tools and technologies to bring increased efficiency to my daily workflow. I am a minimalist at heart, not only in my approach to design, but in all areas of my life. This especially applies to my work habits. Whenever assessing a new technology or system to bring into

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How to Learn Almost Anything Using the Internet

The learning power of the Internet You have likely heard the phrase, “Don’t believe what you read on the Internet”. While this is true in many contexts, the Internet also offers a sea of fact-based information and expertise, and it can be a phenomenal tool for learning and education. One of the primary shortcomings of the Internet is also one the greatest benefits:

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What I learned From Doing a Daily Design Challenge

In December of 2014, I challenged myself to complete a design-a-day for 31 days… Over the course of the month, I created a quick typography piece each day, spending no more than 1-2 hours on each. For a content source, I chose the book of Proverbs as it was fitting that there are 31 chapters of proverbs to draw from, corresponding

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