To streamline the discovery process, I have compiled a list of inquiries that I most frequently receive from potential clients. If you don’t see your question here, feel free toss me an email and I will be glad to answer it for you.

What services do you offer?

I provide brands, businesses, and individuals with the tools, resources, systems, and knowledge needed to efficiently achieve their marketing and business goals.

See here, for a detailed list of the services that I provide.

How long will my project take?

The answer to this question will change with each and every project. Due to the diversity of the services that I offer, and the simple fact that no two projects are the same, it is impossible to identify an average project time frame. Intervals can range from two days for very small, simple projects, to a year or more for larger projects.

The span of a project is relative to many variables involved in the project’s process. I am personally a fan of realistic, attainable deadlines. I make it a point during the discovery process for each new project to establish reasonable expectations towards the time-span of the project for all parties involved. I consider this an important factor of the quality, professional experience that I aim to provide with every project.

That being said, the question of time frame is one of the earliest to be answered during the discovery period for a new project.

What can I expect when working with you?

The short answer to this question would be, a holistic, combined creative & marketing approach to realizing your business goals and objectives.

You can expect a willingness to understand your business and it’s needs, customers, processes and systems. This is vital to the relationship. The better that I am able to understand these factors of your business, the more effective and efficient that I can be in the objective of leading your business to achieve it’s goals.

My process is one of consulting direction. After gaining an understanding of the above, I am able to provide direction for the path to marketing success.
When you work with me, your brand or business will gain a creative director for the length of the project.

See here, for the long answer to this question.

What are your prices?

I have no set price list. I listen carefully to the needs and requirements of my clients and then construct a dynamic proposal for each project. This proposal is based on several variables such as, scope of work, type of work, end-use, usage rights, and time constraints.

Bear in mind that you are not hiring me to “design X” or “build Y”, but rather to learn and understand the needs and dynamics of your business or brand, and lend direction towards it’s success.

Do you do all of the work yourself?

Yes. All of the work involved in your project will be completed by myself. You will work directly with me throughout the length of the project. I do not have any employees, nor do I work with any sub contractors.

When can you get started on my project?

I take on a small number of projects at time, to ensure that I am able to provide precise, personal care to each of my clients.

Toss me an email to see what I have available for your project.