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Communication is opened and familiarity is established. Through this early conversation we will be able to tell if the project will be a good fit for both of us.

My first need is for you [the client] to describe, in your own words, exactly what your need is and why you are coming to me for a solution. This will help to provide me with a clear understanding of the problem or need which you are facing, as well as insight into your expectations for a solution. I may ask a number of questions to help me to better understand what will be required, and to establish a scope for the project. Likewise, feel free to ask any questions which you may have for me.

Project Proposal

After I have gathered the necessary information to accurately understand your need and establish a loose scope for the project, I will assemble these findings into a proposal. This proposal will cover the tangible items discussed during the discovery process, plus my own professional recommendations based on my understanding of your needs up to this point.

This proposal is often preliminary. Many projects, depending on their size, will naturally evolve in later steps.

During this stage, for projects with a tangible end-point, it is additionaly important to establish a time-span for completion.

50% Deposit

Once the proposal is accepted, a 50% deposit of the project total is required before work can begin. For larger or more lengthy projects, in some cases alternate payment schedules can be employed when appropriate.

Detailed Brief

At this point, I have a thorough understanding of the need and your expectations for the solution. Before work begins, I need to understand everything else. I need to learn about your customers, your users, your audience, your process, your business model, and any other pain points which may exist. This holistic approach is critical to the end success of the project. It helps us to collaboratively design a solution with the end-user, your customers, in mind. As well as a solution which can ultimately lend as much value as possible to every area of your business.

 Marketing solutions are not for businesses. They are for customers.


During the execution process, you can expect frequent communication. I employ a highly collaborative approach to each of my projects and to each client relationship. Check-ins, updates, and additional input & information gathering are regular. Similarly, I urge my clients to be as communicative as possible during the execution process. Nothing is static in the business world; plans change, projections change, goals change. I ask my clients to keep me as informed as possible. Once again, the more information that I have access to, the more equipped I will be to design a solution which will efficiently meet your objectives.


The tailored solution is presented, along with comprehensive reporting outlining the logic behind the design and marketing choices employed.


In my process, I aim to develop a solution which will not only meet all of the project’s requirements, but achieve the client’s goals as efficiently as possible, right from the on-set. Unfortunately this is not always possible, and in certain cases revisions may be necessary.

Here I will gather all of the client’s feedback and any necessary changes. In this step, as in previous, you can expect input and recommendations from myself on any prospective changes.

Final 50% Payment

Once the project has been finalized, any remaining billing balance is due before material delivery.


Final materials are delivered to the client. Depending on the project, deliverables can take many formats including: PNGs, print-ready PDFs, .AIs, system login credentials, text documents, and more.

Whenever appropriate, step-by-step user guides are supplied along with project deliverables. These are not only valuable references for the client to retain, but they help to enable process-scalability by allowing for other individuals or employees to pick-up a process with minimal instruction or training.


I warrant the quality of my work by providing ongoing support whenever necessary as a value-add to my clients.

If you should experience any issues with the product beyond project completion, be sure to let me know and I will be glad to work towards a fix as quickly as possible.

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  • While I am based out of the East Coast US, I work with clients from a number of countries. Communication can easily be accomplished remotely via Skype, Phone, or Email; whichever is most convenient. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!
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